Helping an injured child in need

This happened late last night, when a boy suddenly fainted in front of me and sustained a deep cut on his upper right eye lid. He was hesitant to go and receive treatment at a clinic, we wondered why.

When a family of an injured young person hesitates to send him for urgent medical attention, it brings one close to the sobering reality of the pressures hitting the B40 group.

With the help of Mr Kuan Chee Heng’s Teksi 10 sen, we managed to convince him to receive treatment at a clinic where he had 6 stitches. When Ah Fai’s wound was carefully stitched up by the doctor, the doctor commented that had Ah Fai gone to the government hospital/clinic, it would have just cost him RM1.

But given that it was a Sunday night, and most clinics were closed, we were just plain glad that we were present to intervene.

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