Seputeh Walkabout: 18 April 2018 ENG

Had a really packed schedule today but the smiles on the faces that matter most to me – my family and the people of Seputeh makes it all worthwhile.

Spent precious time with my family before visiting families of the Sunlight Education Fund recipients. I was touched when a pair of twins told me of their ambition to be teachers. I encouraged them to study diligently and to be filial to their parents.

Later on, I was equally encouraged by the PPR Young Football Community’s enthusiasm when they received their football kits. I’m blessed to be able to contribute towards their dream of playing on the state and national level.

And all my weariness melted away when I was greeted by the smiles of 20 families of grateful BR1M recipients when I personally handed them their BR1M and groceries at PPR Muhibbah.

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