Crossing The Finish Line With Seputeh

Crossing the finish line with Seputeh.

The past nine days was a sojourn through all 30 years of my life being here in Seputeh. It has been a journey that has been profound and joyful. It is also one that has taken its toll and tested my faith. In many ways, people from all walks of life in Seputeh have seen their fair share of ups and downs for GE14. Be it in where we think our strengths lie and in the things that keep us awake at night. There is space for ideas and opinions to interact with one another. After all, this is the democracy that we have and share in our country.

This vibrant echo of Malaysians, while empowering, must come to a point of action. The time to debate will cease and the time we have left to do so is quickly drawing to a close. Tomorrow, we vote. Top leaders around the country are making their last appeal tonight. I will join them in making mine.

Vote for me because I am voting with you to work for you.

The first step of change begins at home.

Going against a four-term incumbent was daunting, initially. But the opportunities for a new, vibrant and energetic option that I offer quickly opened up. While Teresa could pride herself of being a vocal person against issues bigger than herself, one should ask, “At what cost?”.

Seputeh is at a gridlock. Streets are derelict. Congestion is sprawling. How can an MP stand for national issues when such is the state of her constituency? It must be an outright investment which begins at home. But then again, Seputeh is not Teresa’s home. She votes in Puchong. She is absent in the good times of her victory. But victory goes beyond winning elections. Victory is shared. Has Seputeh shared in her victories for over 20 years? Look around.

The second step, is to bank on my youth.

Seputeh can do a lot with a renewed, youthful and energetic five years. If I I can find inspiration in helping out at home, in the small things, just imagine, what we can do together when we start thinking big. Big things for Seputeh.

Remember the gasps, when it was announced that a 93-year-old, whom many have been against for a very long time, will once again run to be our leader? While it is his right, what does this imply? Near and far, across the 40% of first time voters aged between 21 – 39, it is difficult to ignore the demand from people for more parliamentarians can introduce a new political paradigm for Malaysia. We need new leaders.

We are looking for that new generation. Politicians who can look beyond political differences to serve Malaysia’s development. MPs with a fundamental interest to serve the community and bringing an educated and progressive template to fuel debate in parliament. For long, we have to contend with parliamentarians who do not vouch for such qualities. It is time for those who are serious to take up these roles. We see this in passionate young people.

The future belongs to the youth. We need to take ownership of it. My journey has been back breaking. But when I see this promise, a shot at joining like-minded and young aspirants to form a line-up of quality parliamentarians, I am inspired. Inspired for the country and inspired for Seputeh.

The third and the final step is unity.

Malaysia today, exists in a world where fortune and progress favours nations who can unite. Unite we must, and unite we will. We must learn to fall on the side of people when divisive politics separates lawmakers to find common ground.

Politicians have been overly divided in the expense of the people. Such differences are costly and there is no point to this as we are, all in one journey to build a better Malaysia.

When we wake up tomorrow and make our way to our polling stations, we unite. No matter who we support and what we believe in, we unite. We must defend our democracy. Such a defense is rooted from home, making Seputeh a place for all. The journey should be given to the young, who are invested and custodians of our future. And as we take every step forward, we must take them in unity.

God bless Seputeh. God bless Malaysia.

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