Before We Head Out…

The new conditional movement control order (CMCO)

Our success to beat the COVID-19 pandemic hinges on our collective actions. The reality is that as we make progress in flattening the curve and reopening the economy, we need to move forward with caution so that we will not take any steps to reverse the good outcomes that we have gained in the past 47 days.

Having that in mind, perhaps it would be useful that we inform ourselves of the needs and risks we face before heading out of our homes during this new Conditional MCO phase.

First, heading out means taking a risk. We expose ourselves to interactions, conditions, and situations – known or unknown to us when we are outside. We expose our loved ones at home when we return. With this in mind, we would exercise caution in the event we need to head out, be it for work or to get supplies.

Second, heading out means taking the effort to get used to the “new normal”. For long this had been something that we have been pondering. Organizing our lives outside will need to be based on social distancing norms and regular hygiene practices more than before.

Thirdly, heading out means we need to be responsible for our actions. We must ask ourselves if a leisurely stroll or tending to a business need is warranted. We must stay connected with the news, utilizing credible information sources and tools such as the MyTrace app to avoid getting into red zones or places with crowds.

We all have no choice but to embrace the new normal. With caution and deliberation, we have a good chance to take back what the pandemic has bereaved of us and rebuild. Through collective and concerted efforts, we can begin living this new normal on our own terms.

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