Friendly reminder from a fellow Malaysian: The MCO is still on

MCO is still on

Many Malaysians have eagerly returned to work today as the new PCID Regulations (P.U. (A) 136 for the CMCO (Conditional Movement Control Order) swings into action. With the reopening of businesses, some are under the impression that the MCO has been lifted already —  we are looking at overcrowded mamak eateries, and long lines at the shopping mall. 

But the MCO is still on. Here are some reminders of things that you should NOT do: 

1.You CANNOT travel across state borders without a good reason like getting to work, or home after getting stranded in your hometown during the MCO stretch. For those stranded, you have to follow the four-day interstate travel schedule from May 7th to 10th set by the police.

2.You CANNOT travel into an area under EMCO (Enhanced Movement Control Order). 

3.You CANNOT gather in a group for any reason other than to attend a funeral/burial, on the condition that the gathering does not exceed 20 persons. 

4.You CANNOT travel in a car with more than 3 passengers, or any passengers that do not live under the same roof with you. 

5.Operators of public transportation (land, air and sea) CANNOT take on more than half of the maximum passenger capacity of a particular vehicle for each journey. 

6.Drivers of taxis, e-hailing cabs, limousines and car rentals CANNOT take on more than two passengers per ride. 

7. You CANNOT reopen for business if your business is a fashion boutique, a hair salon; tourism/accommodation service; machine installation services; any financial or commercial activities involving sales and marketing done outside the premises; entertainment, leisure and recreational services involving crowds; or any other business activities which may cause a crowd to gather;

8. If your business does not fall under any of the above, you are free to reopen for business, but you CANNOT do so without following the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) issued by MITI (such as temperature checks, social distancing etc). 

9.You CANNOT attend religious ceremonies or services at mosques, churches, temples etc. 

If we follow these regulations and observe social distancing and personal hygiene, I have no doubt that we will be able to get our economy up and running again without risking a third wave of infections. 

Hokkaido lifted its lockdown on March 19th, but due to a failure to properly observe social distancing and inadequate testing, it was hit by a new wave of outbreaks and had to be placed under lockdown again.

Don’t let this happen to us. Be responsible. Whether Malaysia sees another major lockdown depends on the actions of you, me and all Malaysians as a collective.

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