Fact Check: How YB Ngeh steals credit for RM58 million grant for TAR UC

Ngeh Koo Ham claims RM58million from PH

YB Ngeh Koo Ham is the prime specimen of banal DAP politicians who rely on stealing credits, misinformation and blame-shifting to eke out a political presence.

The former Perak State Assembly Speaker took to Twitter this morning to try and salvage whatever that is left of his political career by making a bald-faced lie regarding the allocation of TAR UC. 

Unsatisfied to simply chime along with his own party’s narrative that MCA had only allocated RM40 million to TAR UC for 2020 despite the actual sum being RM58 million, Ngeh decided to take a step further and offered his “creative” take on the turn of events.

Somehow, in his universe, every single penny allocated to TAR UC since 2018 was due to the magnanimity of Pakatan Harapan, including the entirety of the RM58 million announced by Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong recently. 

Misinformed or otherwise, Ngeh is delusional when he claims that PH have allocated RM85 million (RM45 million in 2019 and RM40 million in 2020) to TAR UC. 

For the record,
1) PH has allocated for TAR UC only RM5.5 million and RM1 million respectively in Budget 2019 and Budget 2020 verbatim;

2) After a disastrous defeat in Tanjung Piai, only did PH wake up to the panorama of bubbling public discontent over the persecution of TAR UC for political reasons. Even then, DAP obtusely refused to fully admit malfeasance and let go of their agendas — they channeled the grant money to a friendly third-party instead of directly to the school;

3) The latest RM58 million is allocated to TAR UC by the current government, not a debate. 

Setting aside DAP’s assertion that RM18 million of the latest grant was repurposed from the balance of the grant to TAA, I am curious how Ngeh will attempt to justify himself for accrediting PH for allocating RM40 million to TAR UC for 2020.

Is the man lying? Grossly ignorant? Or, simply horrible at math?  Read his tweet, hear me out: you be the judge. 

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