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Three Letters, Three Too Many

Indira Gandhi sends third letter to IGP

Yesterday, it was reported that Indira Gandhi had sent her third letter to the Inspector General of Police for an update about her missing daughter’s status. Having to send three letters is three times too many. This is a mother who hasn’t seen her daughter for 11 years; who was a victim of domestic violence; […]

Two little-known facts about the citation against Malaysiakini

AG cites Mkini over readers'contempt

Many Malaysians were outraged (and lamented the death of press freedom) over the ex-parte application filed by Attorney-General Idris Harun against Malaysiakini and its editor-in-chief over “readers’ contempt” in its comment section. What many don’t realise is:- 1) There is a global push to ensure publishers pre-moderate readers’ comments since a watershed ruling by an […]

A Tribute to Kevin Morais – Let Justice Be Done

In Memory of Kevin Morais

The late Anthony Kevin Morais embodied the best of us from the Attorney-General Chambers. Unwavering in his principles, steadfast in his commitment to justice, and inspirational to all the lives he touched. I was among the few who had the privilege to be mentored by him. When I was still a greenhorn Federal Counsel, he […]