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Unfathomable Attitude towards the Protection of the Nation’s Sovereignty

tommy thomas pursed his lips

It’s utterly baffling. It boggles the mind that when our fellow Malaysians in Sabah are exposed to the dangers of foreign imperialism — when Malaysia’s very sovereignty is under threat — there are still those who would rather waste time arguing over: “Ni salah Najib ke, salah Tommy?” To begin, I would like to address those […]

What Mahathir doesn’t understand about chopsticks

mahathir and chopsticks

To most, chopsticks are eating utensils shaped out of two strips of equal length, commonly tapered, and made of a wide variety of materials such as bamboo, metal plastic or wood. To Mahathir, chopsticks are purportedly stumbling blocks for a perfect Malaysian assimilation. “The Chinese eat with chopsticks, they don’t eat with their hands. They […]