Courts the appropriate arena to decide Guan Eng & Betty Chew’s cases

Courts the appropriate arena to decide Guan Eng & Betty Chew’s cases

The courts are the best place for the prosecutors and defence to discuss the charges against former Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and his wife, Betty Chew.

The emotions generated from the cases were expected as they involved heavyweight political figures.

Betty Chew is a spouse of a politician but she is no ordinary housewife as she was also formerly a DAP state assemblyperson.

Having been the state assemblyperson for Kota Laksamana from 2004-2013 and Durian Daun from 1999 -2004, she was also the head of the Malacca DAP wing. These records indicate that Betty Chew is a seasoned and experienced politician.

DAP leaders appear intent in generating political mileage via the press conferences they have called or roadshows organised.

We call for calm as the matters now rest with the courts.

Let the prosecutors prove the charges with complete details and the defence to prove their innocence.

Anything that is said outside the courts would be sub judice and that would not be helpful.

The charges against Guan Eng and Betty Chew should also not contain any racial connotations. Likewise, DAP supporters are advised against stoking such sentiments.

Arguing their defence through social media and the press, clearly, DAP is playing up the sympathy card to win support.

It is best that we wait for the full details to be produced in the courts.

Let us follow the court proceedings. Refraining from jumping to conclusions or going overboard with claims of political persecution would be a wiser move to take.

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