Amending Finas Act 1981 is an opportunity for Saifuddin to show that he is a serious reformer

Govt has no intention of using Finas Act to restrict social media users

Let’s take a throwback to when the Finas Act was enacted. It was 1981. There was no Internet. We only had two TV stations – RTM1 and RTM2. We had to line up for public phones. Almost forty years on, we remain governed by such a legal framework. Which such an awareness, it would come […]

Justice and Closure for Kevin Morais and his close ones

The original prosecution team reunited on Kevin Morais' judgment day

Murder may pass unpunished for a time, but justice will eventually overtake the crime. The late Anthony Kevin Morais, was found murdered five years ago. Today, I sit in with my ex colleagues and Datuk Richard Morais (Kevin’s brother) as we watch High Court Judge Datuk Azman Abdullah sentenced to death the six men for […]

Condemned for Contempt? The Malaysiakini Case And The Problem With Contempt Proceedings In Malaysia

Contempt hearing against Mkini, top editor begins in Federal Court

Digital media has democratised the space for expression at a rate so fast that law and order have time and again found the need to play catch up. Once again, we have been caught in another pickle – the case with Malaysiakini and its run in with contempt of court. A poignant photo of Steven […]

The position of the Speaker of the House in Malaysian democracy

The position of the Speaker of the House in Malaysian democracy

We have often heard such questions, time and time again: Can the Speaker be partisan? Can the Speaker be removed? Can the Speaker be an MP as well? It is time to settle the score: Is the Speaker part of the Government? No. In Malaysia, power is separated into three branches: The Government (Executive Branch), […]

Three Letters, Three Too Many

Indira Gandhi sends third letter to IGP

Yesterday, it was reported that Indira Gandhi had sent her third letter to the Inspector General of Police for an update about her missing daughter’s status. Having to send three letters is three times too many. This is a mother who hasn’t seen her daughter for 11 years; who was a victim of domestic violence; […]

Two little-known facts about the citation against Malaysiakini

AG cites Mkini over readers'contempt

Many Malaysians were outraged (and lamented the death of press freedom) over the ex-parte application filed by Attorney-General Idris Harun against Malaysiakini and its editor-in-chief over “readers’ contempt” in its comment section. What many don’t realise is:- 1) There is a global push to ensure publishers pre-moderate readers’ comments since a watershed ruling by an […]

A Tribute to Kevin Morais – Let Justice Be Done

In Memory of Kevin Morais

The late Anthony Kevin Morais embodied the best of us from the Attorney-General Chambers. Unwavering in his principles, steadfast in his commitment to justice, and inspirational to all the lives he touched. I was among the few who had the privilege to be mentored by him. When I was still a greenhorn Federal Counsel, he […]

Fact Check: How YB Ngeh steals credit for RM58 million grant for TAR UC

Ngeh Koo Ham claims RM58million from PH

YB Ngeh Koo Ham is the prime specimen of banal DAP politicians who rely on stealing credits, misinformation and blame-shifting to eke out a political presence. The former Perak State Assembly Speaker took to Twitter this morning to try and salvage whatever that is left of his political career by making a bald-faced lie regarding […]

Toughen legislations against online sexual harassment & stalking

Online Harassment and Stalking

MCA condemns in the harshest terms, the online bullying and sexual harassment against two DAP state assemblywomen ie the representative for Bandar Utama YB Jamaliah Jamaluddin and Kampung Tunku representative Lim Yi Wei. While we may sit across different political fences, where there is a wrong, we must condemn it wholeheartedly. MCA urges the Malaysian […]

Is the Movement Control Order Legal?

Is the Movement Control Order Legal?

On Friday night, former Law Minister Datuk Liew indicated that he could mount a challenge to determine the legality of the Movement Control Order (MCO). He went on to label MCO as an illegal act and claimed he “didn’t think” that the Attorney-General Chambers have gazetted Covid-19. Wait, hang on YB. I urge you to […]