Come Clean $ Receive Treatment

Possibly infected woman shutdown hospital

There have been some objections to the recent demand by the government for those who attended the tabligh event in Sri Petaling to surrender themsleves for testing. Many of those who refuse to surrender are afraid that they would be quarantined in hospital. Well, recently Pantai Hospital Laguna Merbok was forced to shut down in […]

Malaysians Unite Vs Covid-19

Malaysians Unite Vs Covid-19

In times of crisis, the leaders of a nation should all come together to steer the country out of darkness, regardless of political ideology. During the Second World War, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill formed a cabinet composed of members from his own Conservative Party as well as the opposition Labour Party, as did his […]

Sosco Tightening Of Eligibility For Dialysis Treatment: Mca To Take Legal Action If Decision Not Reversed

The MCA would like to state its disdain with SOCSO’s decision to revise its terms of eligibility for dialysis treatment, which may render many new contributors and beneficiaries under SOCSO’s Invalidity Pension, Employment Injury and Invalidity Grant Scheme ineligible for treatment.

Establish National Sex Offender Registry Now

MCA calls for the establishment for a National Sex Offender Registry immediately. Last year, Deputy Minister Hannah Yeoh announced that the Ministry of Women, Community and Family Development has come up with a child sex offender registry which will be up and running by 1 April 2019. While this move is applauded, and such effort is certainly praiseworthy, this registry service has several major drawbacks: