Attorney-General Chambers Should Be Consistent In Prosecuting Murder Cases

As the murder charge against Viet national Doan Thi Huong has been reduced to a lower charge of causing harm using dangerous means, although paradoxically, the Attorney-General’s Chambers withdrew the identical charge from her co-accused Siti Aisyah, questions are raised as to the double standards and inconsistency practised by the AGC unto both women. MCA calls upon the Pakatan-led government to be answerable as to why the AGC is allowed to permeate such biasness in the execution of the law.

There must be equality before the law irrespective of the citizenship of the accused, or the occupation they hold. Thus, whether to prosecute, and certainly, in this case of pursuing with the prosecution or dropping of charges, the AGC should not discriminate. This particular stands out as both defendants were jointly charged for an identical offence against the deceased, Korean national Kim Jong Nam.

Although Doan was sentenced to three years and four months imprisonment, due to this conviction record, she will suffer the stigma of having a record after pleading guilty to causing harm, in contrast to Siti Aisyah whose name can be said to have been cleared. Doan will be subjected to discrimination and distrust when applying for employment and subjected to immigration prohibitions when intending to enter countries for travel or business purposes. Her life will change forever, for the worse.

MCA regrets the double standards and different treatments executed by the AGC for an identical offence, as all cases should be approached equally. There should be no bias in prosecution of murder or causing harm or any cases at all. Otherwise, public confidence into the AGC’s integrity and trustworthiness will erode.

Not only must justice be done, but justice must be seen to be done, lest the law becomes an ass. If the rule of law is not observed, it will be a sad day for Malaysia, when our criminal justice system is turned into a kangaroo court.


Vietnamese suspect in Kim Jong Nam murder handed prison term:…/vietnamese-suspect-kim-jong-nam…

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