Three Letters, Three Too Many

Indira Gandhi sends third letter to IGP

Yesterday, it was reported that Indira Gandhi had sent her third letter to the Inspector General of Police for an update about her missing daughter’s status.

Having to send three letters is three times too many.

This is a mother who hasn’t seen her daughter for 11 years; who was a victim of domestic violence; who had her infant daughter taken away by her vengeful ex-husband; who fought long, uphill battles in the courts for a decade just for the hope to be reunited with her baby again one day.

Think about our mums, or better yet, if you are one yourself. Our mums could not help themselves but succumb to their instincts to worry endlessly about us — fussing over if we are eating well, resting enough and a thousand other details of our lives. 

Imagine the pure emotional hell Indira Gandhi is living through not knowing even if her daughter is still alive. A mother would never let herself give up believing that her disappeared child will return eventually, thus subjugating herself into a caustic cycle of hope and despair.

The High Court and Federal Court had ruled respectively in 2014 and 2018 ruled for the return of her children. IGP Abdul Hamid Bador also admitted to knowing the whereabouts of her ex-husband and promised a “happy ending” for her.   

Malaysians stand behind Indira Gandhi because we have chosen hope over despair; unity of purpose over futile conflict; constitutionalism over anarchy.

In the face of uncertainties, let us remember the principles that guide our very nation. Let it be said that when we had a chance to reunite a mother and her daughter, we did the right thing.

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