A Tribute to Kevin Morais – Let Justice Be Done

In Memory of Kevin Morais

The late Anthony Kevin Morais embodied the best of us from the Attorney-General Chambers. Unwavering in his principles, steadfast in his commitment to justice, and inspirational to all the lives he touched.

I was among the few who had the privilege to be mentored by him. When I was still a greenhorn Federal Counsel, he took me under his wing in 2015 and showed me the ropes. He was a standard-bearer of our legal system and validated my preconceptions of a just society. Until today, his legacy casts a shining light, showing the way for all of us in the legal system.

We worked together on several prosecution cases, and through my experience being under his watch, I found a deep admiration for the man who commanded respect in a courtroom but at the same time, demonstrated tenderness to his peers and subordinates.

He was never complacent in his fight for rights and what is right — and that is the exact reason why, when Kevin spoke of duty and integrity of vocation, it didn’t ring hollow. To him, those weren’t just words; but a truth he lived by, and if required, prepared to die for.

In September 2015, he was found murdered.

Murder is an infernal end to life, and the method of killing Kevin further attested to the depravity involved. I know I speak for many of my former colleagues from the AGC when I say we will be there on July 10th, to witness the judgment by the High Court if the accused would walk free, or face the gallows.

Fiat justitia ruat caelum
Let justice be done though the heavens fall.

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